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National Medical Resources

Have you been looking for a reliable Lipotropic injections manufacturer? National Medical Resources is a wholesale Lipotropic injections supplier or a B12 weight loss shots distributor.

Drug Testing

Since 1996, National Medical Resources has been providing rapid on-site screening devices for drugs of abuse, alcohol, and infectious diseases.

As a result of over a decade of experience, we have perfected the process of on-site drug screening.  In addition to providing devices, we can perform the drug screening process for you.

Weight Loss

Lipotropics, or fat burning, is simply a combination of B-Complex, essential, and non-essential amino acids.  Some of these are produced by the body and some are not.

In 2009, we created our own products, Lipotonix and Lipotonix Plus, which led us Becoming the #1 Wholesale Distributor of Lipotropic B12 Weight Loss Injections. 

We offer a variety of injections, including ones for patients dealing with allergies.  When you deal directly with a supplier, you have more options.

In addition to our products, we offer added services. These services include training, user certification, Medical Review Officer services, and lab based confirmations. NMR provides these products and services to business, industry, and health care providers throughout the United States. Click here to learn how to order.


National Medical Resources

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