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Lipotonix Plus Formula

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You’ve come to RIGHT place! Here you’ll learn how to get Wholesale MIC B12 Lipotropic Injections & HcG. If you have been looking for a reliable lipotropic injections manufacturer, look no further. National Medical Resources is the go-to source of health professionals around the country, and we can provide the same service for you.

Our Formula

Our injections contain: MIC in addition to B12 & B-Complex. Some lipotropic injections contain: L-Carnitine, as well as Chromium. Our line of injections include: MIC shots, fat burners and HcG Weight Loss Shots..etc. (Common names include: Vitachrom, Lipo 6, Super Fat Burner Shot, Vitaplex, MIC/B12, etc…) If you would like to know more about our formulas, please call, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sulfa Allergies

We offer several variations of these injections for YOUR patient population. These include lipotropic injections for those with sulfa allergies…when you deal with a lipotropic injections manufacturer source, many options are available to you.

National Medical Resources, Inc. (NMR, Inc.) is a leading supplier of lipotropic injections, which is available directly wholesale, from the manufacturer. We also offer wholesale pricing to authorized professionals. We have been supplying weight-loss injections for: Doctors Offices. Med Spas & Weight Loss Clinics. Primary Care, Pysch, Internal Medicine, & OB/GYN clinics for many years. We want to be “your” Lipotropic Injections Manufacturer source!

No Patient Specific Forms Needed: The products NMR, Inc. sells are cleared for “in-office” use, which covers MOST states. So, what does this mean for you? Because these injections are manufactured, patient specific forms are NOT necessary. Your organization can continue business as usual.

YOU CAN administer these injections directly to patients “IN YOUR OFFICE” and not worry about all the RED tape. So, be sure you’re purchasing lipotropic injections manufacturer direct.

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